Pierre Berthelmy BOISSARD Jeanne Aricie BOISSARD Thomé Ariste BOISSARD Louis Phillip BOISSARD treeI37.gif

Marie Aricie BERTHE

also known as Marie Aricie BOISSARD

about 1851 -

Life History

about 1851


17th Jun 1873

Birth of daughter Jeanne Aricie BOISSARD

5th Feb 1875

Birth of son Thomé Ariste BOISSARD in Grand Port, Mauritius

9th Apr 1877

Birth of son Louis Phillip BOISSARD

Other facts


Married Pierre Berthelmy BOISSARD



Not much known! Married obviously to Grand-père q.v. who farmed first in Mauritius before moving en famille to Guatemala where I assume she died. Unlike Grand-père who nurtured the idea that he was British, Grand-mère stoutly maintained her Frenchness and was much given to rousing renditions of the Marseillaise at the chute d'un chapeau. I have assumed there was a daughter from the fact that Pierre (see tree) was apparently a nephew of Tomé's but was not a Boissard.