Jeanne Aricie BOISSARD Thomé Ariste BOISSARD Louis Phillip BOISSARD Marie Aricie BERTHE treeI36.gif

Pierre Berthelmy BOISSARD

1839 ? -

Life History

17th Jun 1873

Birth of daughter Jeanne Aricie BOISSARD

5th Feb 1875

Birth of son Thomé Ariste BOISSARD in Grand Port, Mauritius

9th Apr 1877

Birth of son Louis Phillip BOISSARD

1839 ?


Other facts


Married Marie Aricie BERTHE



Not much known! He lived originally in Mauritius where he farmed before moving with his wife Grand-mère and their son Tomé to Guatemala and where presumably they all subsequently died. While grandpère apparently insisted he was British, in spite of speaking English poorly and with a pronounced French accent, grand-mère stoutly maintained her Frenchness and apparently spoke no Anglais. I have assumed there was a daughter from the fact that Pierre (see tree) was apparently a nephew of Tomé's but was not a Boissard. There was also an Aunt Alice lurking in the background I think.

Their finca in Guatemala was called ‘Mauricio’, apparently out of nostalgia, and was in Palin. Sugar was once extensively grown in Mauritius and the Boissards continued to cultivate it in Guatemala. This was unfortunate as the smart money, at the time, was on coffee, the development of bio-fuel arriving a century too late for the opposite to be true.