Jules Leonard SCHAUMBURG Doris Ada Ethel SCHAUMBURG Bruce Clifton SCHAUMBURG Barbara Vivienne SCHAUMBURG Moira Patricia SHEHEE Sylvia Christine HARRIS Pamela Rosemary HARRIS Dorothy Lilian WILLSHEE Elsie May SOUNDY treeI21.gif

Dudley Palmer SCHAUMBURG

also known as Dudley Palmer HARRIS

21st Oct 1912 - 19th Jul 1979

Life History

21st Oct 1912


31st Jan 1935

Married Moira Patricia SHEHEE

17th Jun 1944

Birth of daughter Barbara Vivienne SCHAUMBURG


Birth of daughter Sylvia Christine HARRIS


Birth of daughter Pamela Rosemary HARRIS


Divorced from Moira Patricia SHEHEE

29th Sep 1971

Married Dorothy Lilian WILLSHEE

19th Jul 1979



Other facts


Name change: Harris

His father, Jules Leonard Schaumburg, changed his surname to Harris on 14 August 1914.

Dudley was born in Calcutta, India and died in Harefield, Middlesex. He married his first wife, Moira Sheehy, at St Pancras Registry Office on 31 January 1935. The photo above is presumed to have been taken then. They subsequently separated but Dudley was unable to divorce till 1971 when his second marriage to Dorothy Lilian Willshee was formalised on 29 September 1971.