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Jules Leonard SCHAUMBURG

also known as Jules Leonard HARRIS

Life History

5th Sep 1906

Married Elsie May SOUNDY

21st Feb 1908

Birth of daughter Doris Ada Ethel SCHAUMBURG

3rd Sep 1909

Birth of son Bruce Clifton SCHAUMBURG

21st Oct 1912

Birth of son Dudley Palmer SCHAUMBURG


Annulled: Annulled

14th Oct 1964

Death of Elsie May SOUNDY in Windsor

Other facts




Divorced from Elsie May SOUNDY

Jules' first marriage to Elsie May SOUNDY took place in Bombay on 5 September 1906 and was annulled in about 1916. He changed his name from Schaumburg to Harris in 1914 which was the name retained by Elsie and her children after she separated from Jules.

At the outbreak of World War 1 Jules SCHAUMURG changed his name to his mother's maiden name, HARRIS.

The deed poll whereby Jules Leonard Schaumburg changed his name to Leonard Harris was executed on 14 August 1914 in Tunbridge Wells, England. JLS was or had been in the employ of Phoenix Assurance in Branch Office in Calcutta. An official copy of the deed poll in Sylvia Murphy's possession is dated 12 April 1945! It says, in part: I am able of my own knowledge to certify that the within named Leonard Harris (formerly Schaumburg) is a British Subject

A. J. Hinter
Assist. Actuary of the Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd.,
70 London Street,

His first marriage to Elsie May Soundy was annulled.